Spent 6 hours in Az and I think we did pretty good. Took most of the shots below on the fly out the window. Did I mention I am using my new iPhone for this blog? I do have my canon with me but having no way to upload I will fill this blog with phone shots. I will share the others after we get home.

We left Barstow at 8 and crossed the Colorado River into Az at 10. Suddenly it was 11!

Where did that hour go? Ha!

Thus began our adventures in the Grand Canyon State.




I checked my Roadtripper for highlights we should look for as we zip down HYW 40. First exciting thing was The Golf Ball House also known as The Arizona Death Star. Roadtrippers suggested we cruise by and shoot out the window.



I asked Roadtrippers where to have lunch and Delgadillo’s Snow Cap Drive In popped up!

Next stop Slegiman.
This place was a hoot and good food to boot.

Hey, I rhymed!

I had delish tacos and Rob had a cheeseburger with cheese. Delgadillo’s was started by Juan Delgadillo in 1953.


It is still family run. We met a granddaughter and great granddaughter when we ordered



With our tummies full we cruised a short while on historic Route 66.


Back on HWY 40 we saw Two Arrows Trading Post


and Rob stood on the corner in Winslow, Arizona.




The scenery started to change and we entered New Mexico.


Hasta la vista AZ…

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