So….Rob and I are on a road trip for the next 2 weeks. Rob retired from teaching and we are now able to travel whenever we want! So excited. This is something we have looked forward to for a while now.
Me, being the techie that I am, found an AP called Roadtrippers. It is a great AP! Super fun to plan a trip on. Very easy and full of information. Put in where you want to go and it maps it out for you and even gives you the cost of fuel for the trip! Each morning I just tap the next spot on the map and it navigates the miles and time. This morning I found a place we wanted to stop and it was easy to add it on the fly. Love this thing!!

We are on our way to our family in Colorado, following the southern route, HWY 40. It’s a bit of a cannonball run, but now we will know where we want to go if we do it again and have more time. Roadtripper set up our route and I tweaked it to fit my plans and now we are off!
Drove to Barstow yesterday. We are calling this our jumping off point.

Tehachapi’s Windmills


Last night’s beautiful desert sunset.

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