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I am starting a new chapter in my life. I am 51 and just starting…You are never too old to start.  Starting is exciting, it’s an adventure! I have always loved a little adventure in my life.  Have you ever looked at what adventure means? Here’s what I found….

Adventure, noun, 1: the encountering of risk <the spirit of adventure> 2: b: an exciting or remarkable experience

Adventure, verb, 1: to proceed despite risk 2: to take the risk

I guess I never really put the word risk and adventure together. Risk sounds scary.  Adventure sounds fun. So when I started really looking for a way to use my love of photography I didn’t know I was risking anything when I went off to a Storyline conference.  I had read some of Donald Miller’s books, and really admired him and thought that this conference was perfect for me. These conferences are all about finding and living your story. It was great! I left with a bit of work to do but a sense of direction. Soon I was working on a project that filled all of my passions:  Photography, Traveling, Cultures and God.  in His image was born.


Now that I am setting off to DO what I have created I am feeling the risk. I am off to Uganda in a few days! It’s exciting; it’s adventurous, but risky too. I am going with Restore International to see their work, do some of it myself and capture what it is all about in images.  Then I am staying on for a few more days to photograph for another mission called Agape Children’s Ministry, in Kenya. Doesn’t sound too bad but there’s that voice…the one that says, “Are you sure you can do this? What if your photos don’t turn out? You are going all alone with people you have never met. What if something scary happens? It’s Africa after all. What if…what if…what if…”

While in His image was growing into itself I have learned to trust that God knows what He is doing and I can be confident that all will turn out the way it should. Easy?  Hard? Whatever, He’s got it!

So follow along on this new start, this new adventure full of risks. Watching God set things up for His glory.

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